Caravan/Camper Servicing

Is there anything worse than breaking down while towing? Nope we don’t think so either…. We highly recommend at least annual servicing if you don’t use your van often, however if you’re a regular traveller more regular servicing is highly recommended, even as regularly as your tow vehicle would provide great piece of mind.

During every Caravan/Camper service we thoroughly inspect:

  • Tyre condition
  • Bearings cleaned and inspected re-packed/replaced
  • Suspension, chassis, hardware inspected
  • Brakes cleaned and adjusted
  • Lighting inside and out checked
  • Water tanks and plumbing
  • Silicone integrity
  • Batteries and electrical system

Caravan/Camper Repairs and Upgrades

At some point in the life of a van you will need some repairs or modifications for your toy. Or is it just us? When modifying your van, it’s an opportunity to personalise it to your requirements, that’s why we always take the time to understand what your needs are and what you want to achieve. Coupled with our extremely high standard of workmanship ensures you end up with the best possible results with an end product that is perfectly suited to you.

So if your Caravan/Camper needs any of the following get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you:

  • Battery/Solar/12v
  • Awnings replaced or Installed
  • Chassis repairs or Modification
  • Body repairs or Modification
  • Water tanks and plumbing mods
  • & Much More